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Owl Train U

  • Training Solutions

    Owl Train U will Organize, Create and Deliver your training.

    No matter who you want to train (employees, customers, or potential clients), we have a solution for you. 


    Owl Train U specializes in organizing the training you need into logical tutorials, courses or modules.  Don't worry if you don't know where to start.  Owl Train  U can create engaging and efficient training from the ground up.  So,  whether you have one topic to convey or 20 years of experience to share,  Owl Train U can organize and create the training you need. 


    Each  business is different and, thus, has different training needs.  While  we create the training program to meet your specific needs, here are  some ideas of the types of training programs we can develop.

    • Employee On-Boarding
    • Software Training
    • Product Training
    • Customer Service Training
    • Process and Procedure Training
    • Educational Resources for Customers


    Owl Train  U considers multiple aspects, such as learning styles, efficiency,  engagement, and logistics, when deciding which delivery method to use.   While Owl Train U specializes in  e-learning (web-based training solutions) because of its efficiency and  engagement potential, all of the following methods are considered when  developing a training program.

    • Video Courses
    • Manuals/Workbooks
    • Field Experience
    • One-on-One or Class Training
    • Workbench Practice
    • Mentor/Apprentice Program

    For course and/or assessment delivery as well as for monitoring purposes, Owl Train U can set your company up on a LMS (learning management system).  If your company already has a LMS in use, Owl Train U can simply add training resources to that.  If not, Owl Train U can suggest various options for a LMS and set it up for you.